We shed our light into the endless sky

A team for those who gaze at the stars

Explore Our Objectives

Technological: Design and build a fully functional CubeSat to establish optical communication in the visible spectrum, TEIDESAT-I.

Scientific: Conduct a study on the impact the imminent increase in free-space optical communications will have on astrophysical observations.

Academic: Apply the knowledge acquired by the team at university and within the project in order to become more complete professionals in the space sector.

Outreach: TEIDESAT team firmly believes in the importance of the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, with emphasis in young generations, and boosting the presence of women in all branches of space science and technology. For this reason we have participated in a hundred conferences, fairs and workshops around the Canary Islands.

We Believe in a Sustainable Space For The Canary Islands

TEIDESAT cares about the impact of space operations in the sky, that's why we focus our current project on the analysis of the consequences of spatial optical communications on astrophysical observations, mainly from the Canary Islands Observatories.

The Best Way to Get to The Sky is Together

We would like you to join us, that's why we offer internship and thesis programs specially designed for your profile, whether within or outside the field of engineering.
Since the very beginning, TEIDESAT has had a versatile group of members and a regular flow of external collaborators. The versatility of these roles allows all these users and entities that wish to support us to do so within the framework of their own possibilities, and always within a context of mutual contribution, seeking the benefit of all. Whether you are a student or a company, contact us to discover everything that the project can offer you.

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